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Grieving in the Time of Pandemic

Funerals were always hard Their sorrow obliterated the sunniest of rays We lamented good Lester gone too soon We sent bittersweet thanks Jane is free of pain Funerals are now precious Yes, Tom, Mary, Robert no longer suffer Sure, they went to God But without a loving congregation bidding them farewell.

I Give Up

Patrick stood staring at the soft board. He had been doing so for the last four days with zero progress. Another hour and his deadline would end. Oh boy, he would never hear the end of it. He would be the joker of the month for several months. And everything he did well would be... Continue Reading →


Tom and Pluto stared at the slice of sky assigned to them by the juxtaposed rocks. A cotton wool sky sliced off the ocean in a sharp straight line. The pink sky, the silver grey ocean, and the brown sea shore formed three strips of mismatched color that looked better than any artist’s engineered palette.... Continue Reading →

Piece a Cake

Drake entered the brightly lit deli with its array of savories and sweets. The croissants section corner cheerily claimed “Happiness is a piece of cake.” The croissant cake mismatch felt screwed up to Drake like God giving you lemons when you needed vodka to get through life. Written for Sonya’s Three Line Tales prompt Photo credit: Bekky... Continue Reading →


Life often wished me dead. I wanted me dead! But the Lord knows, I took her blows on the chin. And each time I felt "This is it Nicky boy", I came here. Do you see that plant? What a strange place to grow. I can tell you the plant is in deep waters. Sorry!... Continue Reading →

I am NOT Being Crochety Really!

Today has been a moderately productive but very happy day. I finished one of my personal upcycling projects. Here’s what I did. I combined smaller pieces of curtains to make a big window curtain and added crocheted lace at the joints. Its turned out quite nice and it feels very satisfying. I did not waste... Continue Reading →

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