They never touched me, just left me in an all white room for days, months on end.

The food was white, so were the plates, my clothes and shoes.

Pure white bleached me of my thoughts and purged me of my secrets.

They shifted me to another room, again a white one.

This room had several escapes but now my mind knew only one thing.

All the rest was…not white.

Six Sentence Story Thursday

17 thoughts on “Whitewashed

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  1. What an intriguing concept. I found myself wondering if placed in that situation would I eventually find safety and comfort in the familiarity of white, or would I be blown away with excitement in the face of brilliant colors awaiting me just outside the door. We miss so many amazing opportunities out of discomfort and fear.


    1. Thanks 🙂 “White torture” is a psychological torture technique Josie Two Shoes (Well, the image did make me feel tortured enough to google it :):):)…that’s what I tried to tell in my story. That the protag could not recognize anything other than white in the end…

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  2. I like the graphic you used for your Six!
    In spite of attempts otherwise, it appears your subject has not been defeated…
    ” All the rest was…not white.”
    Thanks for joining in this week 🙂


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