Even The Gods Need Only Love

We united in loveless, arranged matrimony. He fell in love with a danseuse and came back to me when his wealth and then his affair ended. I gave my golden anklet to help tide over. When he tried to sell it, the king arrested him for stealing the queen’s anklet and beheaded him without a trial. I proved the king’s folly by breaking open my anklet. It contained rubies. The queen’s contained pearls. The king committed suicide and I burned down the city with my curse. I am posthumously worshiped for my chastity and devotion. I wish I’d been loved a mere mortal.

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    1. Thanks Crispina. Been resting awhile from writing. Caught in the genre fiction/literary fiction conundrum. Do I want to learn to write lit fic (I find some of the ones in online lit magazines pretentious, some befuddling, and some downright slumber inducing) or pursue genre fic? I feel there has to be a middle path or a blend of the best elements of the two. Genre fiction gets dissatisfying after a bit…will figure out 🙂

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      1. I’m in no position to advice, and yet I will. Write what you feel most comfortable with. If it doesn’t come natural, if it doesn’t flow, the reader won’t read it. Unless they want to be pretentious gits.

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